Blings of notes🎼🎼🎻

Truth lays hold in the Vine, the branches bear the fruit like a honey bee, Let us dance as surely he plays a song for me. ever torching the flame, burning the night, as stars grab hold of the consuming light. Break a hold and forever be without fright, dashing the Thunders of piety and such, take it take it much. Be his Delight. skip across the Stars be in flight for soon the dead branches will break off in the Eternal Night. Be his love, be his life🎹🎼


Deep valleys

Each breath we take in this Dark World of seemingly Escape, is nothing but a threshold of the mysterious planks. The Valleys Run Deep to those who are climbing on high. We must keep running this race or at times walk a while, keep trenching through the Deep Revelations that see us through, Psalm 23 is a record and a clue. This world is ever fading, it’s starry night is but Gloom. But for those who have eyes to see, we have the light that sees us through. Through the belly of a whale, we will have escaped a treacherous Trail. Though these deep valleys are hard and sometimes rigid, we have a shepherd who is mighty and Forever behind the veil. So let us dance with joy through these deep valleys with hints of lustrous perfume, anointing heads as we pass on some more will come in Oh how we belong one with another true Unity that will be our trumpet song, glory to the Great ” I AM” , for he surely plays us a tune, one of Harmony and everlasting love on his lips to us children of Mercy and Perpetual hope, don’t you see those that trust in the Lord we will be joined with him in our forever home majestically praising our Father with Glory and Honor

Reality song🎻

Time keeps going by , waiting for a new season to begin. Tick tock, tick tock, when will it begin? Looking around and everyone’s life is a changing, as mine seems to replay repercussions that’s the blowing wind. Hope is not faded, but it’s harder to attain, my faith has not wilted, but low, as time goes on it seems to be playing over and over my desolte song. I’m waiting, pondering my life as I keep marching on.. getting older with the same things in sight. So at times I get down , but I am not in fright. My Hope a real, life Sting’s at my heart, and keeps away the fiery arrows trying to Flame my parts. Worldly beauty is truly fading, as a holy heart God can only see, so few want to be a part of this unseen holy Brigade , I pray that I am one or what am I for? Taking up space? It’s hard to ignore. though no one else sees through my eyes, my face in the wind keeping up my stride. The half smile on my face is a reminder of my dream, maybe just maybe this will be the year, oh Lord may I truly praise you, and be as a deer, peaceably drinking water by that beautiful Brooke, knowing that all is right, as I see in my sights the sun on my face being my delight. Maybe I daydream too much as my life goes forward oh how I wish the next part would start so this season would be over. Though I don’t want to complain, I must be thankful for the do-over. I can’t help with a half smile and shrug, to wake up in the morning and pray for a holy hug. β€πŸ”‘

Last call

For the time has begun, the birthing pains have already started, through the labor will not be in vain, 4 the ones that are set on the Holy Hill will be singing along, joyfully, is the fire comes down and spiritual entities seem to arise for the protection of the Lord will be for those on his rise, the sun setting is happening the love of one connects to his branches holding holding tightly oh sing what seems to be Barren join yourselves the last call has begun, harp and harmonize go together little ones, the fruit is ready to be picked, be ready for the day of the Lord is Drawing Near I beg you I plead you with the breath of the spirit of life come you all join in come you all sing sing along while many will throw stones and evil Wars rage nothing will come against the anointing and we will be saved from the wrath of his rage and the evil ones who think they got it all the evil ones who think they won’t fall, the Lord God is on high he is mighty and true never forget for he has not forgotten you

Solace song

I sing a song, I sing a song for you, my soul at times twindels beneath the undercurrent of whispers in the dark going forth and back, back and forth, when will I go straight ahead, when will I bend my bow, and the arrow strike the undertow. My time is coming, I thank God for that, my time of replenishing light so twinkling in delight, so I will keep singing my song, through the drought, and at times and despair my soul will sing for hope, my soul sing a song of life. A selection in pain have been most parts, but in tiny fragments there has been songs played in my heart, songs of Melodies I cannot explain the fragrance of harps and lilies not so plain, feeling the dusk On My Feet I keep going forward this is my song this is my solace keep breathing keep marching on. My soul is deep my mind goes off into the blunders of this world, the chaos that disrupts The Melodies of what life is supposed to be so through that I sing my song ,I sing my Solace song and with that I will keep marching on and never look back to what it may have been or what might be but I’ll keep going forward and look ahead and look upward and know that the truth is my reality.πŸŽΌπŸŽΌπŸŽΌπŸŽΌπŸŽΌπŸŽΊπŸ”‘πŸ”‘πŸ”‘πŸ”‘β€