Valleys of crystals Shining ever so brightly

As the sun goes down the radiance of its glow , we walk on the crystals with an Evenflo.

I wish I knew all that this road entails ,All I know for sure is that I have to keep walking ,striving for the brightness of those crystals beaming ever so clear.

Walking alone is hard that’s for sure, But I know the eyes of the Lord in his starry words ,of bright, and shimmering in the sunlight.

beaming over me will keep me in his gentleness ever so still. I know I’m not truly ever fully alone, but at times it makes me scared to the bone.

Walking through this Valley without another human companion by my side, at times brings me to despair ,but hope is on my side.

with the Lord I have refuge, for he watches over me and brings me up from the ditch.

I say to the Lord “I can do it I know I can ,with your help I know I can do this” ,

and I start once again on the journey ahead, finding streams in the desert oh how quenching it is feeling the water flow, a rush of spirit wind.

So at times I am being tested ,but it is good , for that will prove me to get up and march forward as I know I can.

I do not know everything that will occur ,all I know is that I have to trust with perseverance and steady the key to go long and endure. Blessings will come to those who wait…..only the Lord truly knows that state


Love untamed

Many trials and many sorrows are those who you give your wisdom My pleading heart has been down a road defiant and precocious .Your hope and your love is what keeps me alive. And I’m ever so grateful To You O Lord for putting me back on the right side. So many times have I faltered and failed stumbling back into self-pity and perilous Tales. The attacks of the enemy are too many to count but with you oh Lord you strengthen my soul through the heated drought

Humbling is good when it’s to see your love open upon my heart. To You O Lord I am grateful without you I would be dire and truly Fall Apart. Serpents and scorpions how they like to mess with your mind and your soul, They enjoy and laugh at what was my captivity day by day taking its toil. Praise be to God my God whom I want to serve day and night, Though my wretched self knows that without you there would be no light. How Great and Mighty you are my God my Fortress my love my delight. Your love is so Untamed that you look upon me a woman who has been in vain, a corrupt place of torturous games, And still a shower Of your light upon me with your wings soaring in my soul touching my head anointing me with oil. This world shall pass for this is true, Oh how happy I am Lord to hear that from you.You are truly love divine, Untamed ,and holy. You are truly gracious to those who choose your way, For you already know which part I am going to play. Just like a movie you know the start to the end, and you know those who gather themselves to you , The great “I AM”. You oh Lord will truly bring us back to the Everlasting beginning, As you gather us up in your wings, Your Love showering us to the gates of doves and Holy singing

Curious tales of an open heart 👣

The multitudes of empty faces

Compiled with empty stares

I Walk On By hoping to look someone in the eye

Is anyone there?

Some smile, some nod,

But I still see in their eyes the empty space through the facade

Let me be deep with you

May I call on my God to be fastened to wake you

For that will wake me

Being lovely, being true

All I know is that means that Christ is in you

As I Daydream and think of the Everlasting Valley

There must be more out there , I know I’m not the only one

Lord call on your multitude let us all be as one

As I Revel in these deep sayings

As I walk by and stare at those empty eyes

Waiting, proceeding to wait for a wink of the eye

A conversation of truths meditating on the deepness of God

But low I keep walking and walking waiting

I cannot be alone in this place, this State of Mind

I know I’m nothing special ,though still I am one of a kind

Where are you kindred? Where are you Persons Of Peace?

Though I am surrounded by many

I feel I am at my Pinnacle Peak

Maybe we will pass each other in the streets

Will you look up and give recognition that we know each other in spirit and speech?


Knowing and perceiving

been walking through this place with the Lord’s Mighty hand

Stomping through the desert land

Oh Lord speak your words

Your servant desperately wants to hear from you

Letting Go seems to be the hardest part

But I know once I do, I will once again hear you loud in your refuge. your arms of strength

Deep calls unto deep

With you I will walk through this perilous steep

Times of joy and refreshing are once again approaching

Lord help me not miss this opportunity again, help me to go straight at the Crossing

Purple lilacs , the smell is so full of sweet aroma

May your way title me, and threw me, to bring back the Sensibility of the fragrance that is of you

May your hand lay upon my head the mighty dew

Ever so lovely, ever so true.